What is SingSongStories?

SingSongStories is a fun and educational pre-school activity group.

My classes are relaxed and enjoyable, everyone is encouraged to participate as fully as they feel comfortable to.

Classes are split into under twos and two to five year olds.

Help develop your child’s: understanding, language, listening skills, emotional well-being, confidence, turn-taking and social interaction!

About the Teacher

Emma Harvey
Emma HarveyClass Teacher

Hi my name is Emma and I am the teacher at SingSongStories. I started SingSongStories because I love working with young children. I have over ten years’ experience working in the early year’s sector as a class teacher. I am also a mum of two. I enjoy singing, dancing and watching children grow in confidence and reach their full potential.

Benefits of SingSongStories

“Humpty Dumpty may seem old-fashioned, but children who can sing a song and know a story off by heart aged four are better prepared for school.” – Amanda Spielman, Ofsted’s Chief Inspector. (Source: The Sunday Times, Nov 2017)

Scientific research has proven that there are many benefits to singing to and with your child right from in the womb! It aids understanding, language development, listening skills, emotional well-being, spatial reasoning and uses and develops both sides of the brain (Source: The Genius of Natural Childhood by Sally Goddard Blythe, published by Hawthorne Press, 2011) Add in some actions and you’ll also be developing your child’s sense of balance, spatial awareness, coordination and sense of rhythm! Alongside these benefits, a SingSongStories class will also develop your child’s confidence, turn taking and social interaction skills!

“I have observed that singing together improves children’s behaviour. It helps them bond – whatever the song or language. They can express their feelings of joy or excitement, of being scared or proud.” – Lin Marsh (Source: www.britishcouncil.org/voices-magazine/why-song-and-dance-are-essential-childrens-development, June 2015)

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